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Diploma in Customer Service Level 3

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Diploma in Customer Service

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Assessment guidance and evidence requirements has been developed by a Joint Awarding Body Working Group led by Innovate Awarding to support the delivery and assessment of this qualification. This document should be read in conjunction with the unit standards. The guidance can be downloaded from our Exchange portal here.

Assessment Requirements Portfolio of Evidence

This qualification is internally assessed and internally quality assured by Centre staff and externally quality assured by Innovate Awarding External Quality Advisors (EQAs).

Aims and Objectives of the Qualification

The Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service is for learners who work in a customer facing environment with responsibility for improving and maintaining the standard of customer care.

The aim of this qualification is to recognise learners' achievements within the customer service environment. It is also for learners whose job role requires them to deliver continually improving service to customers. These learners may be in roles that carry a customer service specific job title, or their primary responsibility is to deliver excellent service to customers.

This qualification can also be used by learners who may not regard customer service as their primary responsibility, but recognise that customer service competencies are essential to complement their technical skills

The units incorporate recognised customer service terminology and cover up to date techniques and mediums for the delivery of customer service, including online services and social media. Employers have been consulted throughout the development to ensure the content of the qualification is full and relevant to ensure learners are occupationally competent in the workplace.

Entry Guidance

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

This qualification is suitable for those who work within a number of industries and job roles. It provides Learners with an opportunity to demonstrate their competence and knowledge in a wide range of job roles.

Progression Opportunities

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress into or within employment in a number of customer service roles and/or continue their study in this or other areas. Learners who complete this qualification may go on to further study in related areas such as:

  • IAO Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration 
  • IAO Level 3 Diploma in Team Leading 
  • IAO Level 3 Diploma in Retail Skills 


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