e-Assessment Awards 2019

e-Assessment Awards 2019

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e-Assessment Awards 2019

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Proud to sponsor the e-Assessment Awards 2019

e-Assessment Awards 2019

This time last year, we won the e-Assessment award for Innovation at a fantastic gala hosted by the e-Assessment Association.  Winning this award was a proud moment for all of us here at Innovate, as it was a recognition of our positive contribution to the world of assessment through our bespoke End-point Assessment system – EPA Pro.

As we have been so pleased with the event over the last three years, we decided to sponsor the very award we won, to support the associations amazing work in ensuring all assessment technology reaches its full potential, by bringing our remarkable industry together to share new research and best practices.

Our managing director Charlotte Bosworth attended this year’s award ceremony in London, where she gave a fantastic speech, and had the pleasure of presenting the 2019 award for Innovation to IWCF for the organisations amazing developments in their offline assessment options for the oil and gas well control training industry. 

­­The bar was set to a high standard this year, which makes us even more excited to see what the next year will bring to the world of assessment.

If you would like to learn more about our awarding winning assessment software give us a call on 0117 314 2800 or email our friendly team on epa@innovateawarding.org.