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Top 10 Things About Being An Apprentice

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Being An Apprentice - Top 10

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National Apprenticeship Week 2018

Top 10 Things About Being An Apprentice

Do you know what an apprentice is? Have you ever been or are you currently an apprentice? Did you know that it is National Apprenticeship Week? All current apprentices, ex-apprentices and people who want to become an apprentice are all being celebrated this week! Here at Innovate Awarding, our job is to provide you with a happy apprenticeship assessment experience.  We live and breathe apprenticeships and have ex-apprentices and current apprentices working in our business, and we all love it and see the opportunities an apprenticeship offers.

Well, if you are thinking about hiring an apprentice, becoming an apprentice, or are simply interested in what it’s all about, I hope you find our list on the top 10 things about being an apprentice interesting.


An apprenticeship will provide so many new experiences which you wouldn’t have received without it.  Our own apprentice (Maisey), has attended business meetings, dealt directly with our clients and also enjoyed her first business away day.  Maisey has learnt what it is like to have responsibility for other people’s success as well as her own.  Not a bad achievement for a 17 year old.

Always learning

I sometimes think that we are all apprentices but just without the official badging of it.  Through our working experience, on a daily basis we learn something new or find an improved way of doing something (or indeed make mistakes we do not wish to repeat).  An apprenticeship provides a formal way of recognising this learning.  Hands on experience that is also rewarded through achieving your certificate which becomes a kite mark of quality for an employer and employers that you may wish to work for in the future.

Apprenticeship Standards

Although you work normal business hours during an apprenticeship, you will also do what is called “off the job training”.  This can be various tasks/activities related to your apprenticeship and allow you to grow and demonstrate the skills you are building.  Your trainer (whether from your employer or outside) will regularly meet with you to offer support and guidance and to ensure you are on track to meet the needs of the End-point Assessment you will have at the end of your apprenticeship course.  They will also ensure you have practice assessments to put you in the best position to pass your final assessments and to gain your apprenticeship certificate.

The other really exciting thing about an apprenticeship is that the skills, knowledge and behaviours you will need to demonstrate during the programme and in your end point assessment have been determined by employers themselves.  An apprenticeship allows you to grow the skills that employers have said they need so it ensures you are perfectly equipped for employment both during and after completing the apprenticeship programme.

So not only are you learning and earning on the job, you get an apprenticeship certificate that employer’s respect.

A stepping stone

An apprenticeship is a great stepping stone to setting out your professional career. Most people will set out on one path but will swap and change throughout there working life.  An apprenticeship provides an opportunity to find out what you love, what your strengths are and what working environment suits you best.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, an apprenticeship is a great new chapter for anyone; no matter what profession it is in.

The support

One thing that is guaranteed is you will be allocated a trainer or someone from the workplace to work with you throughout an apprenticeship.  This is such a vital role as they ensure you are working to learn the skills, knowledge and behaviours set out against your apprenticeship standard.  They will also make sure you are provided with guidance and that you are also on track to complete and pass your Apprenticeship.  All trainers, whether from your employer or an external training provider will have been trained on understanding the requirements of your apprenticeship so teaching guidance will also be given. They know what success looks like.


There is no better feeling than working for your own earnings. Simple as that.

Meeting new people

I have met and spoken with so many apprentices who talk about how their confidence has grown during an apprenticeship.  Meeting people you have not met before, experiencing the way different people work and live and just being able to be in an environment that allows you to grow as a person.  As an employer, we have also learnt so much from our own apprentices.  It’s always great to gain other people’s views and opinion on how we work and what we can do better.


Apprentices are not always school leavers and many people who are apprentices are either retraining or moving to a totally different career after many years in one profession.  Whichever way we look at it, apprenticeships open doors to new skills and experiences which may not have otherwise been available. 

You’re working and not in school or college

So many apprentices say ‘you get treated like an adult’ Although you will have to pass assessments as part of your apprenticeship, it is totally about demonstrating the skills, knowledge and behaviours you have developed as part of your job.   Lots of people wish they had been told about an apprenticeship sooner and fully understood what it is about.  That’s why National Apprenticeship Week is great as we get to talk about apprenticeships all week and get lots of media interest!

We love Apprenticeships

The most important thing is, I have seen many people become successful through an Apprenticeship experience.  I have seen many companies become more successful and productive through offering an apprenticeship programme and I am very lucky to have a job within a great company who delivers assessments for apprenticeship programmes, It has created a passion for something that I didn’t know existed when I was choosing my options when leaving school (many years ago now). Apprenticeships are definitely the way forward!


So if you are currently contemplating hiring or becoming an apprentice. I would 100% recommend you do your research and get stuck right in! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Please also drop us an email if you want to find out more about Innovate Awarding’s End-point Assessments.

Happy National Apprenticeship Week!