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Top 10 Benefits Of An Apprenticeship

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Top Benefits Of An Apprenticeship

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Apprentice Maisey lists her top 10 things about apprenticeships

Maisey's Top 10 Benefits Of An Apprenticeship

Do you know what an apprentice is? Have you ever been or are you currently an apprentice? 

Here at Innovate Awarding, our job is to provide you with a happy apprenticeship assessment experience. We live and breathe apprenticeships and have ex-apprentices and current apprentices working in our business, and we all love it and see the opportunities an apprenticeship offers. I am a 
17-year-old Customer Service Apprentice here at Innovate Awarding.

Well, if you are thinking about hiring an apprentice, becoming an apprentice, or are simply interested in what it’s all about, I hope you find my list on the top ten things about being an apprentice interesting.

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