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We now have specs available for almost all of our 18 standards

Access EPA Specifications and Support Materials 

Innovate Awarding are making specifications and support materials available on EPA Pro as soon as they are ready so that customers can incorporate them into their delivery at the earliest possible stage. We now have specifications available for almost all the 18 standards we are approved for and the final specifications will be uploaded soon.

In addition to this we have guides for apprentices, providers and employers related to each of the assessment methodologies that will be in place and practice questions where learners can initially see the types of questions that will be asked in knowledge tests.

From March we will be launching full mock assessments for the knowledge tests for each of the standards where they exist and these will be in the exact style and format we will be using for live assessments.

Innovate Awarding will only be making specifications and support materials available on EPA Pro to ensure version control and that our customers have exclusive access to these materials available to them. As such, It is vital that the correct people in your organisation can access the support materials that they need. Innovate Awarding can provide EPA Pro access to trainers, teachers or administrators so that they can access materials they need. Alternatively, it will be the responsibility of the EPA Pro primary user designated by your organisation to download and distribute these to your teams.

If you would like to set up more users on EPA Pro to access the support materials they need, or discuss registering on EPA Pro please contact epa@innovateawarding.org.

If you are not a customer and don’t have access to EPA Pro and you would like to see samples from our specifications, then please do contact the Product Manager for your sector who would be delighted to assist you.  Your product manager will be identified by emailing epa@innovateawarding.org.