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Fees and prices for Qualifications

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Our New Fees List Has Arrived

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Fees and pricing for 2017-18

Our New Fees List Has Arrived

At Innovate Awarding, we believe in being open and transparent in the way we operate and this includes the fees for services we offer.

We update our fees list in September each year, but are adding to our portfolio of qualifications and apprenticeship standards regularly. We will continue to update our fees list when new qualifications and apprenticeship standards are added to our wide-ranging portfolio.

You will see we have taken a new approach to how we present our fees list. We have provided details of qualifications alongside apprenticeship standards where they are mandatory or complimentary to the apprenticeship standard. We hope this makes life a lot easier for you.

You can download our new fees list by by simply clicking on the link. 

If you would like more information, you can get in touch with us at contactus@innovateawarding.org