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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017

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Customer Survey 2017

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The results are in!

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 - Thanks for your feedback! 

We circulated our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey back in March and 30% of you responded - thank you for your feedback! It really helps us to improve the service that we offer our valued centres

The results show that you are more satisfied than last year. 

In 2017, we found:

  • 100% of customers are confident in Innovate Awarding delivering excellent customer service
  • 100% of customers think Innovate Awarding's qualifications are good value for money
  • 97% of customers agree that Innovate Awarding’s approval application is simple and easy
  • 100% of customers agree that EQAs are supportive, knowledgeable and act with professionalism
  • 100% of customers find Innovate Awarding’s website easy to use


We listen to you, and will be making improvements to our service as a result of your feedback.