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Robert Halfon on Commons Education Select Committee

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Halfon vision for CES Committee

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Committee to be 'crowded' with day-to-day teachers

New Chair Robert Halfon outlines his vision for Commons Education Select Committee

New chair wants Commons Education Select Committee to be 'crowded' with day-to-day teachers

Social justice will be the heart of everything the Commons Education Select Committee does, its new chair has pledged.

Robert Halfon beat five fellow Conservative MPs in last week’s election to the position, weeks after Theresa May sacked him as minster for apprenticeships and skills in the Department for Education.

Asked about his priorities for the committee, he told Tes: “Are people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds being protected? Is there equality of access? And how can we make it even better? I want the whole of the committee’s work – everything – to link back to social justice.”

As a backbencher, Mr Halfon was well known as a doughty campaigner on bread-and-butter issues that affect people’s pockets, such as hospital parking charges and petrol prices.

His efforts to expand the appeal of his party to working-class voters have included a call for the Tories to be renamed the Workers’ Party or Conservative Workers Party. He is himself a member of the Prospect union, which represents professionals, and said he got on “very well” with trade unions as a minister.

And he wants to reach out to frontline teachers. While he was careful to say how much he values the evidence of experts, he added: “What I would love is a focus on practitioners, so I want it crowded with apprentices giving evidence, day-to-day teachers who are actually teaching now, not just activists within the NUT, but a teacher from a school, a headteacher from a school, charity workers.”

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