3 Sport & Active Leisure Qualifications Launched

Launch of Three Sport and Active Leisure Qualifications

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3 Leisure qualifications launched

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We have recently launched new qualifications. Find out more.

Three New Sport and Active Leisure Leadership and Management Qualifications

Here at Innovate Awarding, we’re excited to announce three new sport and active leisure qualifications to add to our growing portfolio of qualifications. Our Qualifications Development Team work tirelessly with employers and skills councils to develop qualifications that meet the needs of each sector, and the sport and leisure industry is no exception.

These new sport and leisure qualifications focus on developing management and leadership skills which are essential to the effective running of the sector with benefits for both employers and learners.


Active leisure qualifications

The qualifications include:

Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading and Operational Management (603/0387/6)

This qualification covers a wide range of introductory team leading and operational management skills including the principles of sales and marketing, health and safety in the workplace, developing working relationships with colleagues and the delivery of customer service.

Level 3 Diploma in Operational Management and Leadership (603/0391/8)

This certificate covers a wide range of management and leadership skills from the managing of budgets, projects and customer service to recruitment and team building practices.

Level 5 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (603/0392/X)

Designed for project managers, department heads, and other practising middle managers, this qualification prepares staff for senior management responsibilities. Areas covered include, the principles of business finance, managing health and safety and human resources, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement and management.


Government Funded Qualifications

If you are interested in finding out more about funding for any of the qualifications listed above, refer to the following websites:


Updates on our new qualifications

We’re developing and launching qualifications throughout the year; follow our blog for regular updates or register your interest in receiving our monthly newsletter by emailing us.

Once our qualifications are live, they are accompanied by a comprehensive specification. If you would like a copy of the full spec for any of our qualifications, please contact us.