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Innovate Awarding Qualification

Innovate Awarding qualification Innovate Awarding qualification


Get a head start in your chosen field with Innovate Awarding

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We work closely with employers and industry bodies, like the Sector Skills Councils, to make sure our qualifications are relevant to their needs. This means our qualifications are designed to give learners a competitive edge in their chosen field.

When you’re taking an Innovate Awarding qualification you can be sure that every centre delivering that qualification – whether they’re a training provider, college or an employer – meets our exacting standards, and that they’re monitored against those standards on an ongoing basis.

Whether it’s explaining the difference between Units, Awards, Certificates and Diplomas, organising a replacement certificate or helping with a learner appeal, we’re here to support our learners every step of the way. Contact us and we'll help. 



In the unlikely event that the progress of your qualification is delayed and you’d like to appeal or get some advice, we have a comprehensive Learner Appeals Policy and Process in place to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved. Please complete the Learner Appeals Form or give us a call 0117 314 2800.



Should you wish to make an enquiry, we have a comprehensive Enquiries Policy and Learner Enquiry form