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What is the Quality Endorsement Scheme (QES) for employers?

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Employers' Quality Endorsement Scheme

QES gives you the freedom to develop specific training courses and assessments

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How does our Quality Endorsement Scheme (QES) help employers?

Employers need qualifications tailored to their specific needs in order to achieve impactful business benefits. An independent quality mark can elevate an in-house course; reassuring employers that high standards are being met, and contributing to staff career progression and retention.

We understand that employers need flexible learning solutions, and QES give you the freedom to develop specific training courses and assessments whatever your business sector. The result is a course designed to suit your requirements with the additional recognition of quality from Innovate Awarding.


How does QES work for employers?

IAO will review all of your quality assurance arrangements. To ensure high standards, this will include examining:

  • How you recruit the specialists who design your courses
  • Your internal quality assurance staff
  • Your learner support systems, management and resources.

On approving your systems, we will endorse your provision whether for just one or multiple courses.

On successful completion of a course, your staff will be sent a Certificate of Achievement from Innovate Awarding.


Free consultation for employers

We would be happy to arrange a free consultation with you before you submit an application, where we can discuss the suitability of the scheme for your provision. Use the contact details below to arrange a consultation today.


How much does QES cost?

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Interested in finding out more about our Quality Endorsement Scheme?
Please contact us for more information about the scheme and how to gain approval.