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International Quality Endorsement Scheme

International Quality Endorsement Scheme International Quality Endorsement Scheme

International Quality Endorsement Scheme

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International Centres: how does our Quality Endorsement Scheme (QES) work?

We understand that employers and learners need qualifications tailored to their specific needs, which often are not provided by regulated qualifications. At the same time, an independent quality mark is also highly valued, and this recognition is especially important for our international centres, where customers are in the global market. A quality mark helps to give learners a competitive edge in terms of career progression, and reassures employers that their staff have met required standards.

QES is here to help, allowing our international centres to develop specific training courses and assessments across all sectors. These are designed to help your employers and learners benefit from an additional recognition of quality from a leading awarding organisation.


How does QES work for International Centres?

IAO will review all of your quality assurance arrangements, including:

  • Recruitment processes for the specialists who design your courses
  • Internal quality assurance staff
  • Learner support systems
  • Management processes
  • Resources

By approving your systems, we will endorse your training provision for one or multiple courses. After successfully completing one of your courses, your learners will be sent a Certificate of Achievement from Innovate Awarding.


Are you interested in a free consultation?

We offer a free consultation so that you can discuss the suitability of QES for your training provision before you submit an application (contact details below).


How much does QES for international centres cost?

You can download our fees here

For more information about QES, contact one of our Business Development Managers.