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Personalised e-Assisted Responsive Learning (PEARL)

What is PEARL?

Innovate Awarding is working in partnership with PEARL, a groundbreaking e-learning and assessment system developed for the delivery of qualifications funded by Advanced Learner Loans.

The system is available entirely online so learners can access all aspects of their learning, assessment and e-portfolio 24/7, from any location in the world, using a variety of devices.


Key Features:

  • Online content library for a growing range of regulated qualifications
  • Remote Assessment Methodologies (RAMs®)
  • Personalised Responsive Learning: learners are able to customise their learning journey
  • Inclusion of Employment and Independent Learning Skills
  • Complete learner tracking, reporting and management system
  • Management of assessment and internal/external quality assurance processes
  • Access to content for over 500 CPD courses
  • User friendly course content creator software
  • Advanced Learner Loan enrolment and administration tool


Benefits of using PEARL:

  • Learners can start at any time
  • Access to learners that might not have otherwise have engaged with your organisation
  • Access to high quality, engaging and interactive learning content
  • Enables efficient monitoring of learner progression
  • Delivers significant cost savings enabling more effective use of your tutor/assessor resources
  • Reduces the administrative burden of managing the advanced learner loan process


See which of our qualifications are currently available through the PEARL system


What are RAMs®?

Remote Assessment Methodologies, RAMs®, are specially designed assessment processes and specific tasks which have been developed by Innovate Awarding to fit the PEARL system. They have been created by assessment and sector experts to meet the quality requirements of regulated qualifications.

Using RAMs®, tutors and assessors can easily review and provide contextual feedback on the videos uploaded by learners using their smartphones or other portable devices.

RAMs® deliver secure recorded observations, or evidence, from within the workplace, mapped to assessment criteria which meet the requirements of the qualifications’ specifications.




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Management Benefits


At Innovate Awarding we do not stipulate the use of any specific e-portfolio system so if you wish to use an e-portfolio you should select a system that you feel best suits the needs of your learners and organisation.

Innovate Awarding has Quality Approved the following system based on a review from our experts and feedback from our customers.


Advantages of the OneFile e-portfolio system include:

  • Manage all of your assessment needs in one paperless system. Perfect for apprenticeships, QCF, NVQ, BTEC and all criteria-based qualifications.
  • Developed by a team of former assessors, OneFile has created a user-friendly solution to make life easier for the education and training sector.
  • Engagement between assessors and learners is more streamlined than ever. For the first time, users can work in sync to complete qualifications whenever and however they wish.

You can learn more about Onefile by visiting their website, or contacting them on 0161 638 3876.

Visit the OneFile website Visit the OneFile website


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