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End-point Assessment for Apprenticeship Standards FAQs

What is the cost of End Point Assessment (EPA) with IAO?

All of our prices fall within the ‘Affordability’ criterion published in most assessment plans. Indicative pricing is available and all prices are negotiable. Please contact for more information.

On what basis will costs be negotiated?

There are a number of factors that will be considered.  For example, number of learners, facilities available and possibly location. Please contact

Will Innovate be making an upfront charge for registration of apprentices for end-point assessment?

There will be no up-front registration fee for end-point assessment before the gateway. We would encourage early registration to enable planning.

How much will you charge for a re-sit?

There will be one free re-sit for all multiple-choice tests. All other component assessments that need to be retaken will be charged at a set rate based on the standard and the assessment type.

How do I become an end-point assessor with IAO?

We are in the process of establishing the recruitment of end-point assessors. If you are interested in becoming an end-point assessor please send us a list of sectors you cover and your CV to

What support material will IAO make available for training providers, employers and apprentices?

We are phasing development of support materials so that there will be a bank of resources available for May 2017 starts, such as sample questions, professional discussion and practical observation guidance. These will then be developed further to be a full support package before the end of 2017. All support materials will be accessible through the IAO EPA Portal and will be available free across all standards.

What system will you be using to manage the end-point assessment process?

We are currently developing a fully integrated EPA IT system designed specifically for end-point assessment with Innovate Awarding. Update coming soon.

Will training providers or employers have to become approved centres to work with Innovate for end-point assessment?

No, the EPA arrangement will be covered by contract.  Where regulated qualifications are involved, however, centre approval will be required as it is currently.

How will apprentices be certificated?

Final certification will be from the SFA once IAO have notified them of apprenticeship completion. As an additional service IAO will also provide e-certificates for all component assessments taken as part of the end-point assessment process.

Are functional skills a requirement?

Each standard has its own specific requirement for maths and English.

Are qualifications required as part of the standards?

Some employer groups have identified qualifications that are required to be taken during the on-programme training for certain standards. These are either mandatory or recommended but would have to be completed prior to the end-point assessment process.

Does the business project have to be completed in a test environment or is this done by the learner at home/work?

The business project does not have to be completed in controlled conditions however the apprentice does have to sign a declaration form stating that it is their own work.

Will it be the same assessor to complete all parts of the EPA programme?

Yes, the aim is that the same assessor will be responsible for all the assessments for the apprentice.

Do Innovate's prices include the EQA fee from People 1st?

Yes, all prices set by IAO will include fees charged by the External Quality Assurance organisation.

Do the apprentices get the certificate sent to their address or does this go to the training provider/employer?

Certificates will be sent to the employer by recorded delivery from the SFA.